Dhamma Birata, Purwanchal Vipassana center

How to reach the center?

Dhamma Birata, Purwanchal Vipassana center can be reached as follows:

a. The flight time to Biratnagar is about 40 minutes from Kathmandu Airport. From Biratanagar airport regular taxi service takes passengers to Itahari, the centre is about 2 kilometer from Itahari. One can take rickshaw up to reach the centre.

b. Regular buses/minibuses and vans take passengers from Kathmandu to Itahari.

c. The centre can be reached from different places in India via train up to Indian Border town. The nearest railway station lies at Jogbani (30 km away) at Nepal-India border from where broadguage trains link Calcutta, Patna and Delhi almost daily. People coming from India by trains to Dhamma Birata can enter Nepal either from Jogbai or from Kankadbhitta. The later lies some 90 kms bus ride east of Ithari. You can reach Jalpaiguri Railway station from Kankarbhitta by bus in about one hours ride. Other important nearby cities and towns are Biratnagar (24 km. south), Dharan (19 km north), Dhankuta (71 km north), Inarwa (17 km west) and Damak (43 km east).